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Ballistics in Forensics - Caliber vs Gauge
19:17, 2009-Apr-26

Ballistics in Forensics - Caliber vs Gauge

When CSI's approach a crime scene and find a bullet with a certain caliber or gauge, just exactly what are they talking about? In this article, caliber and gauge will be defined to educate the reader so that the next time you watch your favorite CSI TV show, you will know what they are talking about(Patek Philippe Replica Watch).

What is a caliber?

Caliber is a term used toward firearms such as handguns and rifles Replica Stuhrling Watches. The caliber of a firearm refers to the size of the internal diameter of its barrel Fake Emporio Armani Watch. Calibers of handguns and rifles are measured in millimeters or inches Rolex Replica Watches. A Fake Jacques Lemans Watch.25 caliber handgun has a barrel with an internal diameter of 0(Luxury Corum).25 inches or ?of an inch.

What is a gauge?

Gauge is a term used toward shotguns Watches Replicas Fake Christian Dior. The gauge of a shotgun also reflects the size of the internal diameter of the barrel Fake Franck Muller Watch. However, this size is not a direct measurement Watch. Rather, the gauge of a shotgun is determined by counting the number of lead balls matching the barrel's diameter that it requires to weigh one pound(Replica Panerai Watch). Therefore, it takes 20 lead balls to fill the diameter of a 20-gauge shotgun barrel and to weigh one pound Swiss Replica.

The caliber and bullet type are crucial in ascertaining what firearm was used in a crime Watches Replicas Watch. If the bullet is intact, the police can determine the caliber by simply measuring it Fake Concord Watch. Severely damaged and deformed bullets are weighed for the purpose of excluding some calibers but not for determining the exact caliber Breguet Watch. For instance, the weights of Corum Replica Watches.22 caliber and Replica Watch.44 caliber bullets differ slightly Wristwatch. Many times, forensic scientists can find out whether the bullet contains a jacket. If so, what kind of jacket? Making this determination helps to identify the bullet type and ultimately the weapon type used in a crime.

The shotgun pellets, or lead balls, from a shotgun can be removed from the victim during surgery or autopsy and from floors, walls, and other places Tissot Watches. The size of the shot does not necessarily tell you the gauge of the shotgun but rather provides information about the ammunition used(Replica Hublot Watch). The different sizes of shot are numbered. The smaller the number, the larger is the size of pellets inside the shotgun shell. For instance, Number 7 shot is smaller than Number 4(Jacob Co Replica Watches). Pellets differ in size from 0.05 inches for Number 12 shot to 0 Replica.33 inches for 00 shot, the biggest, which also goes by the name "double-O" buckshot Replica SWISS LEGEND. A forensic ballistics examiner measures the diameter of any shot found and ascertains what size shot was used Fake Watches.

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